Rivertowns Playhouse

Inspired by the principles of the Small Scale Agriculture Movement, which champions local farms and farmer’s markets as alternatives to large agricultural corporations, the Rivertowns Playhouse advocates for a similar approach to the future of theater in America. We firmly believe that professional, high-quality performing arts should originate from within our Rivertowns, be created by community members, and be intended for the benefit of everyone.

By investing in the Rivertowns, we aim to decentralize the artistic landscape, challenging the dominance of the systems prevalent in Broadway and Hollywood. Our goal is to empower individuals and our communities by placing the power of entertainment and inspiration back into our hands.

RTP serves as a catalyst for this transformative process. We strive to foster a vibrant artistic community that flourishes through grassroots initiatives. By engaging with us, you become an integral part of this movement. Together, we can reshape the artistic landscape of the Rivertowns and create a future where the arts thrive within and for our villages and beyond!

25 N Broadway, Irvington, NY 10533
(845) 770-8218