Rockstarters Organics

Rockstarters Organics was founded on the simple principle that kids deserve the BEST when it comes to what they eat: food that will help fuel their bodies, and support them through these critical years of development.

Our food is nutritionally balanced specifically for young children: 1/3 of the calories in each of our products is derived from high quality fat sources (like pumpkin seed butter, chia seeds and flaxseed) to help support pediatric brain development. The fat and protein in our food also helps kids feel full, and stay full.

We take pride (and have SO much fun!) in thinking beyond traditional “kid food”: pink granola with beets, carrots and sweet potatoes; oatmeal mixes with cardamom and parsley; granola bars with cinnamon, ginger and turmeric. We also strive to provide a 100% straightforward shopping experience for parents. Our products are made with short lists of recognizable ingredients with no added preservatives. And you won’t find a single added sweetener in our line – your kids are sweet enough without them.

Created by a mom of toddlers, Rockstarters is here to support you and your quickly sprouting kiddo through these important years of physical, cognitive, and emotional growth. After all, sharing is caring ❤

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Irvington, NY