Kinetic Dynamics Physical Therapy


I have always enjoyed exercise, and I value activity which promotes health. This love of exercise and wellness are some of the reasons why I am a physical therapist today. My goal is to listen to and connect with each patient. During therapy my patients will receive a private, one-on-one, hands on physical therapy session where your body is your home. In this practice you will learn how to relieve your pain now, and how to prevent pain in the future. This creative approach includes a collaborative network of practitioners to care for each patient. This individualized approach will allow you to return to work, sports and your life.

I have expanded my expertise in physical therapy by specializing and becoming credentialed in the evidence-based McKenzie method. This method is used for backs, necks, and extremity problems. This approach allows for individualized, thoughtful treatment for each patient including how to prevent re-injury.

Kerri Demitrovic

145 Palisade Street, Suite 200, Dobbs Ferry
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Photo by Doug Schneider Photography