Dealer’s Fantasy LLC


Dealer’s Fantasy supports families in Transition – either downsizing, moving to assisted living or managing a family member’s estate.   We make ourselves available to assist our clients to successfully move through the sale process with minimal disruption and angst.  Our efforts have ranged from 2 months to 24 months – and include anything / everything required for the property to be ready for the real estate market and when in contract – be ready to close.
We provide the following services: resolve C of O issues, asbestos/mold remediation, staging of the house, painting, rebuild kitchens and bathrooms, cleaned windows, floors repaired / installed / refinished, electrical/plumbing repairs, thorough cleaning, furnishings sold/auctioned/donated, client packing, shredding and we clean out the home before they close.  We do much, much more as well on behalf of our clients.

[email protected]
PO Box 654  Hartsdale  New York  10530
We support families in Westchester, New York City and Queens