Share Your Wish LLC


Share Your Wish is a simple platform that manages your child’s birthday party, and inspires them to help others. Our free service gives parents a unique tool for introducing their young children to the virtues of charitable giving, in a super easy way.

Simply create a personalized event page for your child, choose up to 2 charities to share their birthday with, send invitations, and let us do the rest! We will track your RSVPs for you, collect contributions (gifts) from your guests, allocate the funds into ‘Gift’ and ‘Donation’ Funds, and disburse both Funds appropriately.

Your guests will appreciate not having to shop for a gift, your child will feel great about helping others, and they will be thrilled to get fewer, more meaningful gifts!
Buck Schleifer, Managing Member
Share Your Wish LLC
120 Sycamore Lane
Irvington, NY 10533