Mirus Atelier

Mirus Atelier specialises in creating exquisite and unexpected items of jewellery to cherish and hand down for years to come, striving to find the most extraordinary and unique pieces to add to your collections, to add to your story.

We breathe new life to one-of-a-kind antiques and re-imagine, with utmost attention to detail, past pieces that will eventually become modern heirlooms. Every Mirus Atelier piece is imbued with a story and is uniquely handcrafted in our studio or with the assistance of local master jewellers. We care deeply about the future of our planet, our design approach has this at the forefront of our process, striving to safeguard the environment by using recycled materials, found objects or unloved antiques and making sure wherever possible to only use what is most essential. We personally curate and design each Mirus Atelier jewel without forgetting our maxim; each piece must be extraordinary, marvellous, rare, remarkable, strange, surprising, unusual and wonderful, just like you! Choose to stand out of the crowd and let’s tell your jewelery story.

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Dobbs Ferry, NY