GO Education Services


GO Education Services offers unparalleled, individualized instruction for your child. Founded by Shara Sheinberg (a resident of Irvington) and Stephanie Klein Eisler, GoEd offers a wide range of services for PreK through college level students, and can combine any of these to provide the perfect program for your child. All of our instructors are carefully selected based on their educational experiences, certifications, and areas of specialty. GoEd’s certified instructors provide high-quality educational services for students throughout Westchester County, New York City, and the Hamptons.

It is our goal to be a partner in your child’s education, helping them achieve Great Outcomes.

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation to customize the best program for your child.


Shara Sheinberg shara@goedservices.com 917-723-6106
Stephanie Klein Eisler stephanie@goedservices.com 917-406-3500
Co-Founders and Head Consultants at GO Education Services