Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute


The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute (EFLI) promotes leadership in young women through self-empowerment, connection with others and activism in their communities. Through summer and academic year programs, EFLI works with young people in Irvington and the entire Westchester County community.

The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute began in 2010 with a seven-day summer program based in Irvington, NY, for young women throughout the Rivertowns of Westchester County. Eleven young women joined us in 2010 for the pilot program. They explored what leadership meant for them as students, peers, athletes, musicians, daughters and more. At the end of the program, they knew that seven days hadn’t been enough. They wanted more.

Since its pilot in 2010, EFLI has expanded to meet the needs of our communities. Throughout 2017, EFLI will facilitate programming for participants of many backgrounds, including co-ed programing (Leading With Impact), and day-long workshops for people of all ages (Deep Dive Days). Additionally, as EFLI has grown, we’ve broadened our reach to new populations and communities through programming at high schools, community organizations and college campuses (ETC).